martes, 22 de enero de 2013

The route of the Brócoli es un proyecto de producción y difusión de Studio Brócoli. Su formato es un boletín que puede recibirse por correo electrónico bajo suscripción a través del siguiente link: click aquí.

lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

CIMAM 2012 Annual Conference Report

One of the ideas that CIMAM 2012 Annual Conference depicted in its program is that in the field of art, the current crisis can be understood as one of the main focuses of irradiation of a cultural sensitivity associated with the prototype of arts management and collaborative projection.
As attendee to the CIMAM's Annual Conference this year, I consider that those lectures dedicated specifically to present a particular space, such as the ones which represented cultural poles like Africa, Latin America, or those that showed a case of study related to the local context of Istanbul, were the most fruitful in establishing connections among the different contexts that nowadays share certain searches in the field of production, reflection and management.
I think about the importance of programs like this, which bring about experiences that stage problems engendered in institutions and art spaces; experiences traversed by exchange and debate. I also value the approximation to other expressions of contemporary art that promoted many of these conferences. Expressions that, from peripheral zones, reveal speeches that display other tactics, with which the risk is really assumed in economic and ideological terms.
For an emerging curator, the approach to these other scenes is essential to think about the development of future projects anchored in a critical and constructive perspective.
In this sense, I believe this has been a stimulating experience to review the own proposals, expand production platforms from the museum where I act, and associate local paradigms (from my own workspace) with other schemes that practice different cultural centers of the world.
Moreover, I think this kind of projects promotes more spaces for communication and discussion, with the ability to adjust the own habits, generating networks of dialogue and interchange in the context of what we could call a culture of management. A fair and accurate model for the complex current cultural scenario, intended to work with collective relations between subject and utopia. A model manipulated according to artistic actions thought and directed.

N. R., November 2012

Personal report as CIMAM Travel Grant beneficiary to attend CIMAM's 2012 Annual Conference Museums Beyond the Crises, that held in Istanbul from November 12 to 14, 2012. This grant was funded by The Fundación Cisneros / Colección Patricia Phels de Cisneros. The site web of CIMAM:
View the CIMAM 2012 Annual Conference complete report: click here.